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Once You apply Below-Zero LockLube into lock internals, It Cleans on contact removing all fine contaminate particles and Old gummy lubricants that increase frictions sticking tumbler mechanisms.
Below-Zero's LockLube Dry-Lubrication particles fill in the micro pores creating a sealed slippery surface that resist contaminates that affect lubrication performance.
Below-Zero's Dry-Lubrication technology are not affected negatively by environmental temperature changes. They will not thin or thicken like wet lubricants, keeping your lock free for faster opening in all weather conditions.
Below-Zero's Dry-Lubrication technology exceed 1000 degrees f and -400 degrees below zero and can handle hundreds of thousands of Pounds of Pressure.
Below-Zero LockLube Protects your Lock around the clock in the harshest of Winter conditions!

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